Summer Day Camps

During the summer, Angel Mounds hosts eight weeks of summer camps for children ages 6-12 (entering 1st-6th grade).  Join us this summer for old favorites and new traditions!

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2019 Summer Day Camp Schedule

Week-long Camps:


JUNE 3 – 7;  9am-4pm, extended care available
Registration deadline: May 20th
$145/members; $160/non-members

Are you a fan of all things competitive? This is the camp for you! Test your skill in team and solo games, sports, puzzles and competitions. Get your hands dirty building obstacle courses to challenge other campers. Race the clock in Minute to Win It style challenges. Dominate with your trivia knowledge. Play hard and your team can take home the trophy!


JUNE 10 – 14;  9am-4pm, extended care available 
Registration deadline: May 27th
$145/members; $160/non-members

War! Torture! Disaster! Since the dawn of human existence people have been getting things wrong. Explore gross medical history from plague medicine to field amputations. Climb into the shoes of a soldier in world famous battles. Learn about engineering catastrophes like the Titanic and the Hindenburg. This week is dedicated to the epic fails that have driven human innovation for centuries!


JUNE 17 – 21;  9am-4pm, extended care available
Registration deadline: June 3rd
$145/members; $160/non-members

Have you ever wished that you could change the world with a flick of your wrist? Come join us at Angel Mounds’ Wizards Academy to learn how to best train a dragon, win a game of Muggle Quidditch and participate in the Tri-River Tournament throughout the week to be the reigning Domum!


JUNE 24 – 28;  9am-4pm, extended care available  
Registration deadline: June 10th
$145/members; $160/non-members

Join us as we explore the ancient Roman Empire. At its height the empire contained about twenty percent of the world’s population. During camp you will learn about the people that made up the Roman Empire; test your skills as a Roman legionary; and learn how the patricians lived in the imperium sine fine (empire without end).


JULY 8 – 12;  9am-4pm, extended care available
Registration deadline: June 17th
$145/members; $160/non-members

Have you ever watched a movie like Swiss Family Robinson or The Hunger Games and wondered how the characters lived off the land? Answer these questions and more as you learn how to survive and thrive! Learn how to start a fire without matches; discover ways to track animals; and build a shelter from materials you find in the woods.


JULY 15 – 19;  9am-4pm, extended care available 
Registration deadline: June 24th
$145/members; $160/non-members

Join us for the week as we learn the skills needed to investigate a crime scene, from fingerprinting suspects to processing DNA. After learning the skills needed to be a great crime scene investigator, campers will have the opportunity to design their own crime scene for other campers to solve.


JULY 22 – 26;  9am-4pm, extended care available 
Registration deadline: July 1st
$145/members; $160/non-members

At Angel Mounds, we understand the importance of play;  and this end of summer camp is all about play. Anything goes during this week celebrating the end of summer! Kids will love our 70ft long slip & slide and participate in a host of other team building challenges. Inspiring curiosity, creativity, and camaraderie, this camp is sure to be the highlight of the summer!


Single-Day Camps:

Registration for all five days (7/29-8/2): Member/$145; Non-member/$160


JULY 29;  9am-4pm, extended care available 
$30/members; $35/non-members

Play with bricks and more to expand your engineering skills. During this one-day program campers will experience a crash course in problem solving and creativity.


JULY 30;  9am-4pm, extended care available 
$30/members; $35/non-members

Campers with enthusiasm for escape rooms will delight in solving puzzles and uncovering secrets. Dream big and design plans for your own escape room.


JULY 31;  9am-4pm, extended care available 
$30/members; $35/non-members

Candy lovers will appreciate this one-day adventure into the science of our favorite snacks. Explore how sugar can become sticky, slimy, gummy candy and watch sweets dance, grow, and explode!


August 1;  9am-4pm, extended care available 
$30/members; $35/non-members

Ever wonder how movies are made? Come to our one-day camp to learn techniques like stop-motion capture and how foley (movie sounds) artists bring movies to life.


August 2;  9am-4pm, extended care available 
$30/members; $35/non-members

Step into the shoes of an Odd Squad agent at this one day camp. Agents will work together to crack codes and cold cases, capture Centigurps, and find out “whodunit.” There is no limit to what the Odd Squad can achieve with their science, math, and engineering skills. Campers of all ages will enjoy testing their skills with the challenges and puzzles on offer–they may even save the world in the process!



August 3, 5:30pm, to August 4, 9am 
Registration deadline: July 21st

End your summer with a bang! Literally. Camp Reunion Overnight features fireworks, games, movies on the big screen, a weenie roast, and s’mores. Exclusively for 2019 camp participants, this is one evening of camaraderie and reminiscing campers won’t want to miss. Must bring own pillows and sleep gear for this rare opportunity to spend a night at the museum.


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