Summer Day Camps

During the summer, Angel Mounds hosts seven weeks of summer camps for children ages 6-12.  Join us this summer for old favorites and new traditions!

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2018 Summer Day Camp Schedule


JUNE 4 – 8;  9am-4pm, extended care available
Registration deadline: May 21st
$175 per camper; $150 for members

Calling all sea dogs! Join us as we learn about and live the life of men and women during the Age of Piracy! Learn the skills you would need to navigate your craft over the high seas; make and eat hardtack; and learn sea shanties and pirate banter to round out your pirate education!


JUNE 11 – 15;  9am-4pm, extended care available 
Registration deadline: May 29th
$175 per camper; $150 for members

Come join us as we explore the wonders of ancient Egypt! Learn the secrets of preservation and try your hand at mummification; get your hands dirty constructing pyramids from scratch; dodge crocodiles on the River Nile; and read and write the language of ancient kings. After our camp you will be prepared to rule your own Middle Kingdom with ease and grace!


JUNE 18 – 22;  9am-4pm, extended care available  
Registration deadline: June 4th
$175 per camper; $150 for members

Join us as we explore the ancient Roman Empire. At it’s height the empire contained about twenty percent of the world’s population. During camp you will learn about the people that made up the Roman Empire; test your skills as a Roman legionary; and learn how the patricians lived in the imperium sine fine (empire without end).


JUNE 25 – 29;  9am-4pm, extended care available
Registration deadline: June 12th
$175 per camper; $150 for members

Time travel from the ancient world to the present and experience art through the ages! Campers will explore many major art movements and marvelous mediums. Paint the caves at Lascaux; sculpt like a Renaissance artist; splatter a canvas like Jackson Pollack; look with wonder at the world around you and learn to capture it in infinite ways. This camp will set your inner artist free!


JULY 9 – 13;  9am-4pm, extended care available
Registration deadline: June 25th
$175 per camper; $150 for members

Come join us as we explore our world through science and inquiry! Each day of camp will focus on a different scientific field, including geology, biology, and chemistry. Have no fear, this will not be a boring science camp! Our camp will culminate on Friday with a day spotlighting all things that go BOOM!


JULY 16 – 20;  9am-4pm, extended care available 
Registration deadline: July 2nd
$175 per camper; $150 for members

Have you ever watched a movie like Swiss Family Robinson or The Hunger Games and wondered how the characters lived off the land? Answer these questions and more as you learn about how the ancient Mississippian people survived and thrived. Learn how to start a fire without matches; discover ways to track animals; and build a shelter from materials you find in the woods.


JULY 23 – 27;  9am-4pm, extended care available 
Registration deadline: July 9th
$175 per camper; $150 for members

At Angel Mounds, we understand the importance of play;  and this end of summer camp is all about play. Anything goes during this week celebrating the end of summer! Kids will love our 70ft long slip & slide and participate in a host of other team building challenges. Inspiring curiosity, creativity, and camaraderie, this camp is sure to be the highlight of the summer!


Registration deadline: July 21st
$50 per camper

End your summer with a bang! Literally. Camp Reunion Overnight features fireworks, games, movies on the big screen, a weenie roast, and s’mores. Exclusively for 2017 camp participants, this is one evening of camaraderie and reminiscing campers won’t want to miss. Must bring own pillows and sleep gear for this rare opportunity to spend a night at the museum. Drop-off at 5:30 pm, Saturday, August 4; pick-up at 9am, Sunday, August 5.


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