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For Educators

Angel Mounds offers discounted rates to all groups with a reservation; and admission is free for all Indiana K-12 students and educators (excludes special events).  For a modest fee, groups are invited to take advantage of one of Angel Mounds’ many educational programs or annual school events.  Contact the staff at Angel Mounds for more information on visiting with your students!


Angel Mounds offers a unique internship program that incorporates many different areas of expertise. In addition to assisting with the daily operations of the site, interns may focus on:

  • Educational programs and interpretation
  • Fundraising and grant writing
  • Environmental studies
  • Website management
  • Marketing and event promotions
  • Special events management
  • and more

Upon completion, interns should have a general understanding of the dynamics of historic site and non-profit operation and an in-depth understanding of their particular area of emphasis.

Qualifications: All majors are invited to apply, though the internship is likely to appeal to those with a particular interest in public administration, anthropology, archaeology, history, education, environmental studies, graphic design, marketing and/or public relations

Salary: Unpaid (Course credit may be available through your university)

Semesters Available: We revolve internships around college semester (i.e. Spring, Summer, and Fall)

Hours: Interns typically work a total of 150 hours, though variation may apply due to college hour requirements and schedules. Internship hours can be gained anytime between 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., Mon. thru Fri., and 12:30 – 5:00 p.m. Sun.

Application Instructions: Please send a resume and cover letter to our Program Developer Elizabeth Bostelman at

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