Permanent Exhibits

The exhibit space at Angel Mounds was installed in 2001 and covers the period at the site between 1100 and 1450.  Through interactive displays and authentic artifacts recovered from the site, one gains a better perspective of what occurred at Angel Mounds when inhabited by the Mississippians.  In 2018, new exhibits will be installed that will discuss some of the other cultures that came before and came after the Mississippians were at Angel Mounds, to show the progression of cultures in the area.

On the actual village site, visitors will find a reconstruction of a typical Mississippian home that would have been part of the community, along with informational markers scattered about, which inform the visitor about what was occurring on that spot when the site was thriving hundreds of years ago. With over 2 miles of trails, the site also is a great place for a hike!

Mound A

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