Angel Mounds: Gateway to the Past

The Friends of Angel Mounds is proud to announce “Angel Mounds: Gateway to the Past,” a brand new short documentary exploring the history and culture of Angel Mounds!  This 15 minute film was produced locally by ThatPopSound Productions, and features interviews with several local scholars and experts.  It can be viewed right now on our YouTube channel, or right here on our Introduction to Angel Mounds page.

Check out the video, and then Contact Us to let us know what you think!

FOAM is on YouTube!

As our first big announcement in our new News section, the Friends of Angel Mounds would like to announce our official YouTube channel! In the coming weeks, we plan to upload our own videos of the exciting events here at Angel Mounds, but also to highlight other videos relevant to the mission of Angel Mounds.

Check out the channel, and be sure to subscribe to keep up with all the fun!