While You’re Here

  • Access to the village site is only through the Interpretive Center. Our indoor exhibits will introduce you to the history of Angel Mounds and its Mississippian inhabitants before you exit to view the mounds themselves.
    Angel pottery on display in the Interpretive Center
    • Photographs of the indoor exhibits are fine, but please, no flash photography. (It damages the exhibits!)
  • On the village site, you’ll be walking on real archaeological remains that are irreplaceable!
    • Please stay on the marked paths, and do not climb on the mounds. (Every footstep causes a tiny bit of damage, and we want to preserve the mounds 
    • Flash photography is fine outside.
Mound A


  • The only way to see the mounds properly is to walk, and there are no benches past the end of our bridge. A path that passes all the major sights is longer than a mile, so be prepared for a bit of a hike! 
  • Be sure to reserve some time to browse our gift shop, located in the Interpretive Center!
    • The gift shop closes at 4:30 P.M. Central Time, and accepts cash, checks, and major credit cards.


  • Restroom facilities and drinking fountains are located in the Interpretive Center. There are no restrooms on the village site.
  • There are no dining facilities in the Interpretive Center or on the village site.
    • You are welcome to bring your own meals and enjoy them in the gazebo in front of the Interpretive Center. Please dispose of your trash properly!

      Gazebo picnic area
    • Food and drink is prohibited in the Interpretive Center and on the village site except during special events.

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